She Had It Coming, part 2

This is my attempt to list women who write music blogs [I went ahead and added myself to it in case anyone is copying this down]. If you are female and you write for a music blog, drop a comment! The Polite World is so much larger than I can navigate, but I want to add you to the list. [And if I put you on here by mistake and you’re not female… please enlighten me.]

Abbey from Punkphoto
Alex, host of Blogfresh Radio
Ali Marcus from Womenfolk
Alicia at Bigstereo
Ally from Dustysevens
Andrea from Six By Nine
Andrea from Warped Reality
Ann from Pogo Princess
Amy from The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What To Think
Amy from Shake Your Fist
Artifact from Obsession Collection
Audrey from
Betty from Bunch of Bettys
Cassi from Everything Falls Apart
CC at Dreams of Horses
Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash
Cindy and Pinkie from TRGAW
Clea from Small Ages
Colleen from Sugartown
Danielle from Music Is Art
Dee at My Old Kentucky Blog
Elizabeth from The Roaring Machine
Ginny from My Little Ghost Friend
Heather the Hell Ya! DJ
Heather from I Am Fuel
Heather from Lyrical Venus
Heather from Ugly Floral Blouse
Holly Perry at Broken Dial
Hoon from Antarctica Starts Here
Irene from
Jamila from Fucking Dance
Jana from Jana Pochop
Janet from Out the Other
Jax and Nicole from Rock Insider (apologies to Aubrey!)
Jen at The Music Slut (<3) Jessica at The Selector
Joanna at Moistworks
Kate from The Glorious Hum
Kelly from Looking At Them
Koren at Merry Swankster
Laura (Miss Modernage) from The Modern Age
Linda and Alaina from Speed Of Dark
Lisa at 3hive
Liz from Headphones On
Liz from The People’s Dance Party
Liza from Copy, right?
Lizz from No Dessert For You
Lizzie from Come Pick Me Up
Marcy from Benzaiten Music
Marcy from Lost In Your Inbox
Maria from Her Jazz
Marissa from More Dynamics!
Maura, editor of Idolator
Megan from Brainstorm Music
Meredith from Quick, Like A Bunny
Moka, Saisai, Lotus, Kahlo, and Issa at Motel de Moka
Natalie from Mini-Obs
Niina at Girlpants
Nora from I Rock I Roll
Olga and Jewlie from Fabulist!
Rachel from Underrated Magazine
Rachel from Untitled Records
Rayna from Modyfier
Rebecca from Strawberryfire
Sheryl and Jaime from Shelves of Vinyl
Taylor from T-Sides
Trill42 from Kofi’s Hat
Victoria from Muruch
Zara from Bon Ton
Zeina from Slave To the Details

(total of 68 sites and 77 rockin’ ladies)


  1. jana’s avatar

    This is awesome! Thanks for compiling! I write one at

  2. rayna’s avatar

    and me too! modyfier. ladies…hello.

  3. Dodge’s avatar

    My Old Kentucky Blog has one female writer – Dee.

  4. cassi’s avatar

    this is our band blog but i do most of the writing and i’m a woman. does that count?

  5. zara’s avatar

    Sure it does :)

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